Family Rudiviridae




- Sulfolobus islandicus rod-shaped virus 1, SIRV1;    linear dsDNA 32,301 bp, sequence acc. no. AJ414696

- Sulfolobus islandicus rod-shaped virus 2, SIRV2; linear dsDNA 35,502 bp, sequence acc. no. AJ344259

- Acidianus rod-shaped virus 1, ARV1; ds DNA 24,655 bp, sequence acc. no. AJ875026

- Stygiolobus rod-shaped virus, SRV, ds DNA 28,096 bp, sequence acc. no. FM164764




Virions are unenveloped consisting of a tube-like superhelix formed by dsDNA and copies of a coat protein, They carry plugs at each end to which three tail fibers are anchored.





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