Family Ampullaviridae



SpeciesAcidianus bottle-shaped virus, ABV; linear double-stranded DNA 23,814 bp, sequence accession no. EF432053




The virion is enveloped, resembles in its shape a bottle and has a length of 230 nm and a width varying from 75, at the broad end, to 4 nm, at the pointed end. The broad end exhibits 20 thin rigid filaments, which appear to be inserted into a disc and are interconnected at their bases. The 9-nm-thick envelope encases cone-shaped nucleoprotein core formed by a torroidally supercoiled nucleoprotein filament.


Häring M., R. Rachel, X. Peng, R. A. Garrett, and D. Prangishvili. 2005. Diverse viruses in hot springs of Pozzuoli, Italy, including a unique bottle-shaped archaeal virus ABV from a new family, the Ampullaviridae. J. Virol. 147, 2419-2429.


Peng, X., T. Basta, M. Haring, R. A. Garrett, and D. Prangishvili. 2007. Genome of Acidianus bottle-shaped virus and insights into the replication and packaging mechanisms. Virology 364, 237-243.



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