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Dr Ludovic Deriano

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Secondary affiliation: Department of Genomes and Genetics


CANCER FROM WITHIN: immune cells reveal insights into mechanisms of DNA recombination and tumorigenesis


Lymphocytes are unique cell types of our adaptive immune system that require multiple rounds of cell divisions during their development and, most strikingly, multiple rounds of gene rearrangements during the formation of their antigen receptors. This stepwise process puts their genome integrity in danger. Quoting the hemato-oncologist Louis Staudt "normal lymphocyte differentiation is, in some sense, a disaster waiting to happen". Indeed, lymphoma and leukemia are amongst the most common human neoplastic disorders.


Our major goal is to understand the mechanisms by which a lymphoid cell maintains the integrity of its DNA and prevents genomic instability and transformation. More precisely, we study the DNA recombination processes that are part of B- and T-cell development and the mechanisms and pathways that lead to lymphoid cancers.



Lab members (left to right): Tyama El Chaar, Joy Bianchi, Nicole Clarke, Christophe Clouin, Valentine Murigneux, Chloé Lescale, Ludovic Deriano, Marie Bedora-Faure.



Our laboratory is located on the 4th floor of the Bâtiment Metchnikoff (building #67 on the map below), room 4022, on the Institut Pasteur Paris campus.

The nearest subway station is “Pasteur” on the lines 6 and 12. 



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Ludovic Deriano, Ph.D.


G5 Lymphocyte Development and Oncogenesis

Immunology Department – Metchnikoff building (#67)



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Cécile Nizak


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Lab news

November 2013: Valentine Murigneux, bioinformatician, joins us to find novel cancer mutations!


September 2013: Nicole Clarke, grad student at Stanford University, joins our lab for a 4 months internship.


August 2013: Christophe Clouin joins the lab as a post-doctoral fellow.


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