Drosophila Developmental Genetics

Head of Lab: Francois Schweisguth


Our laboratory investigates how cell fate, cell-cell signaling and morphogenesis are regulated during development.




We are using Drosophila as a model system as it provides unsurpassed spatial and temporal resolution to examine in the living organism the effects of controlled genetic perturbations. We study the regulation of Notch signaling in various developmental contexts, including asymmetric cell division and lateral inhibition. We also investigate the regulation of epithelial polarity and morphogenesis in various developmental settings, including gastrulation, trans-epithelial migration and planar polarization of asymmetrically dividing cells. We also conduct research in regulatory genomics and stem cell biology. From a methodological standpoint, we are using and developing cutting edge approaches in computational biology, genome engineering and live imaging.




Francois Schweisguth


E-mail: fschweis@pasteur.fr


Drosophila Developmental Genetics

Department of Developmental and Stem Cell Biology

Institut Pasteur

25 rue du Dr Roux

75015 Paris



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