Collections hosted by the Institut Pasteur

CRBIP: Institut Pasteur Biological Resource Center


CRBIP holds biological material collections and related information. A number of checks are carried out to ensure that the biological material complies with the properties described by the provider.


Thistaphyl.jpgs information is contained in BRC-LIMS, the biological resource collection management software, and a catalog covering each collection can be viewed on;jsessionid=AB009157752ACC9F8AFA5FBAD6E4F2E7 and edited as required. This provides easier access to biological resources for clients and scientists etc. and ensures that they remain available in the future, for long-term use.

CRBIP also contributes to the shared catalog of French microorganism BRCs – FBRCMi-catalog. This web application is maintained and hosted by the Institut Pasteur.

CRBIP dispatches biological resources throughout France and overseas, while meeting all applicable health and environmental safety standards, regulations and laws and ensuring full traceability.

In addition, resources are constantly enhanced and updated through the integration of new collections and diversification of existing ones. An increasing number of materials are therefore available to scientists.







Updated on 12/02/2014


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