Research Unit’s achievements and ongoing projects

Since 2008, a transition has occurred in our research agenda. It was encouraged by the award to Philippe Sansonetti, in 2009, of an ERC advanced grant named HOMEOEPITH that allowed us – as indicated in its acronym - to introduce the topic of microbiota-mediated gut epithelial homeostasis into our ongoing research project focused on deciphering the molecular cross-talks between the invasive bacterial pathogen Shigella flexneri, the gut epithelium, and its associated mucosal immune system, a confrontation that leads to the disruption, invasion and inflammatory destruction of the gut mucosa. In summary, we introduced a new research paradigm in an attempt to balance the “cellular microbiology of pathogens” and the “cellular microbiology of symbionts”. We call it “War and Peace at the gut mucosal surface”.


Molecular Microbial Pathogenesis Unit

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