Biology of Cell Interactions

Head of Lab: Alice DAUTRY


The goal of the work of the Unit is to gain knowledge on the normal behavior of the eukaryotic cell, and on its disruptions during an infectious process. We focus on the mechanisms of entry and intracellular fate of intracellular bacteria, Chlamydia, and of some key receptors of the immune system.


Chlamydiae are strict intracellular pathogens. Depending on the strain, they are the causative agents of sexually transmitted diseases, pulmonary infections and eye infections, and they may also be involved in atherosclerosis. We study their interactions with the host, in particular through the secretion of proteins into the host cell cytoplasm and nucleus.


Endocytosis allows cells to internalize biological macromolecules, particles and even intracellular microbes. We study the endocytic properties of cytokine receptors, that are essential for the immune response. These cytokine receptors follow a novel endocytic pathway, that we have initially discovered and that we study.



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