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Cell Biology and Infection

Director: Chiara Zurzolo

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Units Director Activity Report
Bacteria-Cell Interactions Pascale COSSART 2013
Biology of Cell Interactions Alice DAUTRY 2013
Cell Polarity, Migration and Cancer Sandrine ETIENNE-MANNEVILLE 2013
Signaling and Pathogenesis Robert WEIL 2013
Membrane Traffic and Pathogenesis Chiara ZURZOLO 2013
Molecular Microbial Pathogenesis Philippe SANSONETTI 2013
Nuclear Organization and Oncogenesis Anne DEJEAN 2013
Dynamics of Host-Pathogen Interactions Jost ENNINGA 2013
Imaging and Modeling Christophe ZIMMER 2012
Quantitative Image Analysis Jean-Christophe OLIVO-MARIN 2013

Cellular biology of microbial infection

Five-year group Director Activity Report

Membrane Traffic and Cell Division


Microbial Individuality and Infectiion Giulia MANINA X

Developmental & Stem Cell Biology


Director: Shahragim TAJBAKHSH

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Units Director Activity Report
Drosophila Developmental Genetics François SCHWEISGUTH 2013
Human Developmental Genetics Kenneth McELREAVEY 2013
Macrophages and Development of Immunity Philippe HERBOMEL 2013
Morphogenesis Molecular Genetics Benoit ROBERT 2013
Stem Cells and Development Shahragim TAJBAKHSH 2013
Epigenetic Regulation Christian MUCHARDT 2013
Mouse functional Genetics Jean-Jacques PANTHIER 2013
Five-year group Director Activity Report

Morphogenesis Regulation in Higher Vertebrates

Jérôme GROS


Cellular Plasticity and Disease Modelling

Han Li X
Epigenetics of Stem Cells Pablo NAVARRO-GIL


Heart Morphogenesis

Sigolène MEILHAC X

Brain plasticity in response to the environment

Pauline SPEDER X

Macrophages and endothelial cells

Elisa Gomez Perdiguero

Platforms Director Activity Report
Central Animal Facilities Xavier MONTAGUTELLI X
Mouse Genetics Engineering Center Francina LANGA VIVES 2013

Genomes and Genetics


Director: Didier Mazel

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Units Director Activity Report
Bacterial genome plasticity Didier MAZEL 2013
Dynamics of the Genome Benoit ARCANGIOLI 2013
Macromolecular Interaction Genetics Alain JACQUIER


Mycobacterial Genetics Brigitte GICQUEL 2013
Yeast Molecular Genetics Bernard DUJON 2013
Biology of Intracellular Bacteria Carmen BUCHRIESER 2013
Human Evolutionary Genetics Lluis QUINTANA-MURCI 2013
Functional Genetics of Infectious Diseases Anavaj SAKUNTABHAI 2013
Integrated Mycobacterial Pathogenomics Roland BROSCH 2013
Evolutionary Microbial Genomics Eduardo PIMENTEL CACHAPUZ ROCHA 2013
Group Director Activity Report
Spatial regulation of genomes Romain KOSZUL 2013
Five-year group Director Activity Report
Insect-Virus Interactions Louis LAMBRECHTS 2013
Laboratory Director Activity Report
Systems Biology Benno SCHWIKOWSKI 2013
Platforms Director Activity Report
Transcriptome and Epigenome Jean-Yves COPPEE 2013
Genomics Christiane BOUCHIER 2013
Eucaryote Genotyping Béatrice REGNAULT 2013



Director: Matthew ALBERT

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Antibodies in Therapy & Pathology



Innate Immunity James DI SANTO 2013
Cytokine Signalling Sandra PELLEGRINI 2013
Dynamics of Immune Responses Philippe BOUSSO 2013
Immune Regulation and Vaccinology Claude LECLERC 2013
Dendritic Cell Immunobiology Matthew ALBERT 2013
Immunobiology of Infection Caroline DEMANGEL 2013
Immunoregulation Lars ROGGE 2013
Lymphocyte Cell Biology Andrès ALCOVER 2013
Lymphopoiesis Ana CUMANO 2013
Lymphocyte Population Biology Antonio FREITAS 2013

Microenvironment & Immunity

Gérard EBERL 2013
Five-year group Director Activity Report
Lymphocyte Development & Oncogenesis Ludovic DERIANO 2013
Humoral Response to Pathogens Hugo MOUQUET


Platform Director Activity Report
Center for Human Immunology Matthew ALBERT 2013
Cytometry Spencer SHORTE (acting) 2013

Infection and Epidemiology


Director: Marie-Lise Gougeon

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Units Director Activity Report
Antiviral immunity, Biotherapy and Vaccines Marie-Lise GOUGEON 2013
Cellular Immunology and Immunogenetics Jacques THEZE 2013
Cytokines and inflammation Jean-Marc CAVAILLON 2013
Enteric Bacterial Pathogens Francois-Xavier WEILL 2013
Epidemiology of Emerging Diseases Arnaud FONTANET 2013
Human histopathology and animal models Fabrice CHRETIEN 2013
Innate Host Defense and Inflammation Michel CHIGNARD 2012

Mathematical Modelling of Infectious Diseases



Insects and Infectious Diseases Paul REITER 2012
Lyssavirus dynamics and host adaptation Hervé BOURHY 2013

Molecular Prevention and Therapy of Human Diseases

Benoît GARIN


Invasive Bacterial Infections Muhamed-Kheir TAHA 2013
Pharmacoepidemiology and Infectious Diseases Didier GUILLEMOT 2013
Biology of Infection Marc LECUIT 2013
Laboratory Director Activity Report
Trypanosoma infectious processes Paola MINOPRIO 2013
CIBU - Urgent Response to Biological Threats Jean-Claude MANUGUERRA 2012
Platform Director Activity Report
Genotyping of Pathogens and Public Health Sylvain BRISSE and Valérie CARO 2011



Director: Hilde De Reuse

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Units Director Activity Report
Anaerobe Bacteria and Toxins Michel-Robert POPOFF 2013
Antibacterial Agents Marc GALIMAND 2013
Biology and Genetics of the Bacterial Cell Wall Ivo GOMPERTS BONECA 2013
Biology of Gram-positive Pathogens Patrick TRIEU-CUOT 2013
Genetics of Biofilms Jean-Marc GHIGO 2013
Helicobacter Pathogenesis Hilde DE REUSE 2013
Molecular Biology of Gene in Extremophiles Patrick FORTERRE 2013
Yersinia Elisabeth CARNIEL 2013
Biology of Spirochetes Mathieu PICARDEAU 2013

Five-year groups

Director Activity Report

Microbial Morphogenesis and Growth



Synthetic Biology

Laboratories Director Activity Report
Pathogenesis of Bacterial Anaerobes Bruno DUPUY 2013
Pathogenesis of Bacterial Toxi-Infections Pierre GOOSSENS 2013

Macromolecular Systems and Signaling

Collections Director Activity Report
Biological Resources Center (CRBIP) Chantal BIZET 2013
Institut Pasteur Collection Chantal BIZET 2013
Collection of Cyanobacteria Muriel GUGGER 2013

National Collection of Micro-Organism Cultures

Georges WAGENER (acting)





Director: Christophe D'Enfert

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Units Director Activity Report
Molecular Mycology Françoise DROMER 2013
Fungal Biology and Pathogenicity Christophe d’ENFERT 2013


Jean-Paul LATGE





Director: Pierre-Marie Lledo

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Dynamic Neuronal Imaging

David DiGREGORIO 2013
Genetics & Physiology of Hearing Christine PETIT 2013
Human Genetics and Cognitive Functions Thomas BOURGERON 2011
Perception and Memory Pierre-Marie LLEDO 2013
Integrative Neurobiology of Cholinergic Systems Uwe MASKOS 2013
Biotherapies for neurodegenerative diseases Jean-Michel HEARD 2011
Channel Receptors Pierre-Jean CORRINGER 2013

Parasites and Insect Vectors


Director: Kenneth VERNICK

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Units Director Activity Report
Biology of Host-Parasite Interactions Artur SCHERF 2013
Genetics and Genomics of Insect Vectors Kenneth VERNICK 2013
Malaria Biology and Genetics Robert MENARD 2013
Molecular parasitology and Signaling Gérald SPAETH 2013
Trypanosome Cell Biology Philippe BASTIN 2013

Malaria Parasite Biology & Vaccines

Platform Director Activity Report
Center for the Production and Infection of Anopheles Marek SZATANIK 2013

Structural Biology and Chemistry


Director: Michael Nilges

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Units Director Activity Report
Biochemistry of Macromolecular Interactions Daniel LADANT 2013
Chemistry and Biocatalysis Sylvie POCHET 2013
Nuclear Magnetic Resonance of Biomolecules Muriel DELEPIERRE 2013
Structural Microbiology Pedro ALZARI 2013
Structural Bioinformatics Michael NILGES 2013
Chemistry of Biomolecules Laurence MULARD 2013
Structural Dynamics of Macromolecules Marc DELARUE 2013

Structural Mass Spectrometry and Proteomics


Five-year groups 


Activity Report

Structural biology of bacterial secretion Rémi FRONZES 2013
Molecular Mechanisms of Membrane Transport Nicolas REYES 2013
Platforms Director Activity Report
Molecular Biophysics Patrick ENGLAND 2013
Crystallography Ahmed HAOUZ 2013
Antibody Engineering Pierre Lafaye 2013
Recombinant Proteins Felix REY X
Proteomics Mariette MATONDO-BOUZANDA 2013
Ultrastructural Microscopy Marie-Christine PREVOST 2011



Director: Monique Lafon


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Units Director Activity Report

Arboviruses and Insect Vectors



Biology of viral emerging infections Sylvain BAIZE 2013
Biology of Enteric Viruses Francis DELPEYROUX 2013
Genetics, Papillomavirus and Human Cancer Michel FAVRE 2012
Hepacivirus and Innate Immunity Eliane MEURS 2013
Molecular Genetics of RNA Viruses Sylvie VAN DER WERF 2013
Molecular Retrovirology Simon WAIN-HOBSON 2012
Molecular virology and vaccinology Pierre CHARNEAU 2013
Viral Pathogenesis Fernando ARENZANA-SEISDEDOS 2013
Viral Neuro-Immunology Monique LAFON 2013
Oncogenic Virus Epidemiology and Pathophysiology Antoine GESSAIN 2013
Regulation of Retroviral Infections Françoise BARRE-SINOUSSI 2013
Structural Virology Félix REY 2013
Viral Genomics and Vaccination Frédéric TANGY 2013
Viral Populations and Pathogenesis Marco VIGNUZZI 2013
Viruses and RNA Interference Maria Carla SALEH 2013
Virus and Immunity Olivier SCHWARTZ 2013

Host determinants of protection against AIDS

Provisional unit Director Activity Report
Antiviral Strategies Noël TORDO 2012
Laboratory Director Activity Report

Pathogen Discovery


Pathogenesis of hepatitis B virus Marie-Louise MICHEL 2013

Others  Director Activity Report
Archives from Institut Pasteur Agnès RAYMOND-DENISE 2013
Clinical Research Pole Christian BRECHOT (acting) 2012
ICAReB - Clinical Investigation and Biomedical Research Support Marie-Noëlle UNGEHEUER 2013
Medical center Paul-Henri CONSIGNY 2013
Publications Christian BRECHOT (acting) 2009
Scientific Media Library Agnès RAYMOND-DENISE 2013
Biomics Sean KENNEDY X
Imagopole Spencer SHORTE X
Ultrapole Jacomine Krinsje X
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