Postdoctoral position in Virology

Postdoctoral position in Virology

Pasteur Institute




Description: A 24 month postdoctoral position is available starting November 2014 to join a research program within the Department of Virology of the Pasteur Institute, Paris


Project outline: Hepatitis B virus (HBV) is a widespread pathogen and one of the most important environmental risk factors in human cancer epidemiology. Although current antiviral treatments control HBV infection and improve liver functions, they are unable to clear the viral episomal DNA called cccDNA (for covalently closed circular DNA) that persists in the nucleus of infected cells and serves as a template for HBV transcription. The project will focus on the study of cccDNA transcriptional regulation, chromatin structure and nuclear localization. Part of these studies will involve collaboration with other laboratories.


The Institut Pasteur is a non-profit private foundation dedicated to fundamental research in human biology and microbiology through basic science, education, and public health activities. The Paris campus, which houses ~2600 scientists, is recognized worldwide as a leader in infectious disease research and is ranked as a top level institution in the field of microbiology. Institut Pasteur has developed a world-class technological center and facilities which closely collaborate with the researchers.

Candidate requirements: Candidates must hold a PhD degree in Biological Sciences since less than 2 years. Solid experience in the domain of molecular and cellular biology is essential. Candidates should have good communication and organization skills and be able to work  autonomously. French language is not required.


To apply: Applicants should send a cover letter and a C.V (including a list of publications as well as names and contact information of up to 3 academic references) to christine Neuveut (

Updated on 21/07/2014