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  • 22Apr

    Congress | 22.04.2014 09:00 to 25.04.2014 09:00

    Place : At Institut Pasteur

    11th European FTMS Conference

    This bi-annual conference aims to bring together leading academic and industrial scientists working in the field of state-of-the-art high resolution mass spectrometry – Ion Cyclotron Resonance and Orbitrap Fourier Transform Mass Spectrometry.

  • 06May

    SAMMBA seminar | 06.05.2014 | 12:00 at 13:00

    Place : At Institut Pasteur

    How to tell if the honeymoon is over: testing hypotheses about pertussis and its resurgence

    Aaron KING


    Pertussis (whooping cough) is currently resurgent in the U.S. and several other countries, despite high and sustained vaccine coverage.  

    In this talk, I use stochastic, nonlinear dynamical systems models as expressions of several competing hypotheses for the resurgence and confront them with long time series of epidemiological data to try and sort out the best explanation.

  • 15May

    Scientific Council Conference | 15.05.2014 | 16:30 at 17:30

    Place : At Institut Pasteur

    Mosquito genetic variation and malaria transmission


    Unité de recherche Génétique et Génomique des Insectes vecteurs

    Amphithéâtre Duclaux

  • 19May

    Congress | 19.05.2014 09:00 to 22.05.2014 18:00

    Place : At Institut Pasteur

    Molecular Biology of Archaea 4 - MboA4

    Nearly four decades after their discovery, the Archaea have steadily gained the place they deserve in the Tree of Life. Their study has confirmed a unique biology, revealed a stunning diversity of cellular processes and molecular machineries, some of which have strong evolutionary links to their eukaryotic counterparts, and brought up a whole world of fascinating archaeal viruses. Growing genetic tractability has recently allowed a large number of functional studies, linking biochemistry and molecular biology to cell physiology.

  • 26May

    Congress | 26.05.2014 09:00 to 28.05.2014 18:00

    Place : At Institut Pasteur

    5th annual YRLS Conference

    The Young Researchers in Life Sciences association invites you to attend the *5th annual YRLS Conference*. This conference is a venue for young scientists from various fields and different countries to present their work, exchange ideas, learn from experts and form new collaborations.
    Organized by some of the leading research institutes in France, each year we welcome approximately 300 attendees from more than 10 different countries.

  • 03Jun

    Congress | 03.06.2014 09:00 to 05.06.2014 18:00

    Place : At Institut Pasteur

    Core technologies for Life Sciences-CTLS-

    Based on an initiative By Spencer Shorte (Paris, France) and Herbert Auer (Barcelona, Spain), who recognized the need for the better coordination and an opportunity for cooperation amongst members of the European Core Facility (CF) community

    The CTLS initiative was launched in 2013 as the basis for creating a society that aspires to achieving the highest levels of excellence in service delivery, research and training through Core Facilities in Life Sciences arena.

  • 19Jun

    Scientific Council Conference | 19.06.2014 | 16:30 at 17:30

    Place : At Institut Pasteur

    Philippe Sansonetti - Scientific Council Conference

    Philippe SANSONETTI

    Unité de Pathogénie Microbienne Moléculaire

    Amphithéâtre Duclaux

  • 24Jun

    Congress | 24.06.2014 09:00 to 27.06.2014 09:00

    Place : At Institut Pasteur

    EMBO Conference on Microbiology after the genomics revolution: Genomes 2014

    The conference on "Microbiology after the genomics revolution - Genomes 2014" will be an appropriate and timely occasion to offer an outstanding discussion forum for the best international researchers in all fields of cutting edge microbiology research to discuss newly discovered aspects of microbiology.

  • 11Sep

    Scientific Council Conference | 11.09.2014 | 16:30 at 17:30

    Place : At Institut Pasteur

    Ivo Boneca - Scientific Council Conference

    Ivo BONECA

    Unité de Biologie et Génétique de la paroi bactérienne

    Amphithéâtre Duclaux

  • 02Oct

    Scientific Council Conference | 02.10.2014 | 16:30 at 17:30

    Place : At Institut Pasteur

    Romain Koszul - Scientific Council Conference

    Romain KOSZUL

    Groupe à 5 ans Régulation spatiale des génomes

    Amphithéâtre Duclaux


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