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  • Scientific collaboration with Myanmar

    International News | 05.12.2014

    Scientific collaboration with Myanmar

    The arrival in Myanmar of Mrs Annick Girardin, Minister of State for Development and Francophonie was an opportunity to formalize the scientific collaboration between the Institut Pasteur, the Institut Pasteur International Network and the National Health Laboratory (NHL) in Rangoon.

    The partnership will strengthen the capacity of the NHL on two levels: the fight against acute respiratory infections in children (ECOMORE project) and the research on infectious encephalitis in South East Asia (SEAe project). Both projects are supported respectively by the French Development Agency (AFD) and the TOTAL Foundation.

    Mrs Annie Girardin visited the NHL's facilities supported, in the presence of Pr. Htay Htay Tin, Director of NHL HE Thierry Mathou, Ambassador of France in Myanmar, representatives of local AFD agencies and Xavier PREEL, General Manager TOTAL E&P Myanmar.


    Project SEAe

    Project ECOMORE

  • Réunion Régionale MATI (Maroc, Algérie, Tunis et Iran) du 24 au 26 novembre 2014MATI (Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia and Iran) Regional Meeting from 24th to 26th November 2014

    International News | 04.12.2014

    MATI (Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia and Iran) Regional Meeting from 24th to 26th November 2014

    The regional MATI meeting was organized in Casablanca by the Institut Pasteur in Morocco. This meeting provided a unique opportunity for researchers from MATI region and also for visiting researchers from the Hellenic and Dakar Institut Pasteur to share, compare their knowledge / scientific experiences and to explore new areas specific to the MATI region for cooperation in the areas of health.

    It was took stock of Ebola outbreak and of two major international projects: LeiSHield (Leishmaniasis) and Medilabsecure (Laboratory Network on the emerging viruses). The Ethical dimension has been discussed during a Roundtable.

    Four workshops on antibiotic resistance, venoms of scorpions and snakes, emerging arboviruses and viral hepatitis and liver cancer have allowed researchers to work and to lay down the fondation of four regional projects.

  • © Institut Pasteur

    Press release | 04.12.2014

    Institut Pasteur Graduation Ceremony 2014

    The Institut Pasteur will host on the 12th of December 2014  the 2nd ceremony in honor of its graduating PhD class, with the  Doctors having defended in 2013-2014. This ceremony will be chaired by Pr Christian Bréchot, President of the Institut Pasteur. It will be held in presence of Jean-Philippe Pierre, deputy mayor of the 15th arrondissement of Paris.

  • Implication of the Institut Pasteur against Ebola: an Institut Pasteur in Guinea and a new rapid diagnostic test

    International News | 02.12.2014

    Implication of the Institut Pasteur against Ebola: an Institut Pasteur in Guinea and a new rapid diagnostic test

    November 28th, in Conakry, and November 29th, in Macenta

    On November 28th, the President Hollande went to Guinea. He was accompanied by the President of the Institut Pasteur, Pr Christian Bréchot.

    Guided by the Executive Director of the Donka’s University Hospital, the President visited the laboratory supported by the Institut Pasteur in Dakar and participated in a Roundtable "The response against Ebola virus. A memorandum of understanding and an agreement was signed by Pr Bréchot, AFD and the Guinean Ministers of health, higher education and research for the creation of an Institut Pasteur in Conakry at the end of 2016. According to Pr Bréchot, the new center will focus "on high potential epidemic diseases, responsible for several major and severe episodes in Guinea in recent years" as Ebola and other viral hemorrhagic fevers. The Institut Pasteur in Guinea, through formation, will also strengthen human resource capacity with the help of the Institut Pasteur in the region.

    institut-pasteur_3350.jpgPr Christian Bréchot announced that to fight against the spread of the Ebola virus, a rapid diagnostic test (15 minutes against 6 hours now) was developed by the Institut Pasteur in Dakar and will be tested in Conakry.


    On November 29th, Pr Bréchot visited the Ebola Treatment Centre of Macenta in Guinea’s forest region, coordinated by the French Red Cross with the support of the French and Guinean authorities. There, the Institut Pasteur has deployed a diagnostic laboratory. Three volunteers are actually in charge of this laboratory.

  • International News | 02.12.2014

    Macenta: a cutting-edge diagnostic lab in the heart of Guinea

    On the occasion of the official visit of the President of the French Republic, Christian Bréchot, President of the Institut Pasteur went to the Macenta treatment centre on the 29th of November, where he was able to visit the diagnostic laboratory newly installed by the Institut Pasteur. The first volunteers has arrived.

  • Press release | 27.11.2014

    Ebola: a new Institut Pasteur is soon to be created in Guinea

    Pr Christian Bréchot, President of the Institut Pasteur, will be in Guinea Friday 28th November 2014, alongside François Hollande, President of the French Republic. Two agreements will be signed, one with the government of Guinea and the other one with the French Agency for Development (AFD), allowing for the creation of a new Pasteur Institute in Conakry in late 2016. On Saturday 29th, Pr. Bréchot will visit the Macenta treatment Center where the Institut Pasteur is setting-up a diagnostic laboratory.

  • A lymphocyte infected by HIV and transmission of the virus to neighboring cells © Institut Pasteur

    Research | 27.11.2014

    Defense mechanism against HIV-1 revealed

    Scientists have discovered how some of these restriction factors inhibit HIV replication in lymphocytes. These proteins belong to the IFITM (interferon-induced transmembrane proteins) family; they are broad-spectrum antiviral proteins that act on a wide range of viruses including influenza, dengue, etc. Little was previously known about their effect on HIV-1.

  • The Total Corporate Foundation and the Institut Pasteur launch a call for proposal on child health in resource limited countries

    Partnerships | 24.11.2014

    The Total Corporate Foundation and the Institut Pasteur launch a call for proposal on child health in resource limited countries

    The Total Foundation Total and the Institut Pasteur has launched today a new call for proposal open until the 25th of next January as part of their long-lasting partnership. Specifically dedicated to the study of vaccine and/or therapeutic responses in children, this new call will support international research projects led by scientists belonging to the Institut Pasteur International Network. For now a decade, the commitment of the Total Foundation side by side with the Institut Pasteur allows for the support of projects focused on the improvement of children health in most underserved countries.

  • Chikungunya virus particles on the surface of an infected cell  © Institut Pasteur/Thérèse Couderc

    Press release | 20.11.2014

    Chikungunya fever: Themis Bioscience’s vaccine candidate successful in phase 1

    The induction of neutralizing antibodies by a prophylactic Chikungunya vaccine candidate has now been confirmed by the final results of a phase 1 clinical trial, as well as its tolerability and safety. Detailed information of the trial has been presented at two international conferences. The vaccine candidate was developed under a R&D collaboration between Themis Bioscience GmbH and the Institut Pasteur (Paris) based upon a measles vaccine vector technology.

  • Press release | 13.11.2014

    Sanofi - Institut Pasteur Awards 2014

    Sanofi and the Institut Pasteur awarded on November 13th the Sanofi - Institut Pasteur awards for the third consecutive year. Four internationally renowned researchers were honored today for their work carried out in two major fields concerning world health: neglected tropical diseases and immunology. In 2014, the program set aside a total of 300.000 euros


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