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  • Hair bundles of the auditory outer hair cells - Mild hearing impairment may indicate greater underlying problems - © Institut Pasteur

    Press release | 12.06.2014

    Mild hearing impairment may indicate greater underlying problems

    Scientists identified mice models that mimic high-frequency hearing impairment in humans. Their work sheds light on the anomalies causing the hearing impairment and could explain the pronounced masking effect experienced by some hearing-impaired individuals when trying to discriminate high-frequency sounds in noisy environments. The scientists suggest that more substantial auditory assessments would enable clinicians to improve diagnosis of these auditory impairments.

  • Découverte d'une mémoire immunitaire chez le foetus - Institut Pasteur

    Press release | 10.06.2014

    Immunological memory discovered in fetuses

    Scientists have recently demonstrated the existence of immunological memory cells in fetuses. These cells are developed in utero and are capable of producing an inflammatory-type immune response. The results of this study suggest that it may be possible to develop vaccine-induced immunological memory, during pregnancy and specific to the fetus, which would increase immunity in infants during the first months of life.


  • Appel à candidature Prix Dedonder Clayton 2014

    International | 03.06.2014

    Call for application: Dedonder Clayton Award 2014

    The Institut Pasteur is pleased to open the call for application for the 2014 Dedonder Clayton Award. This Award will honor scientists in Africa and Asia whose outstanding research is decisive to progress in public health, specifically in the field of research on HIV / AIDS and related infections. This Prize is awarded by Pr Christian BRECHOT, President of the Institut Pasteur and Pr Françoise Barré-Sinoussi, Nobel Prize in Medicine in 2008, and a jury representatives of the Institut Pasteur International Network and the ANRS. The Dedonder Clayton Prize is awarded every year since 2011.

    The application will be a letter of intent (1 page recto / verso maximum) outlining the objectives, the schedule of accomplishments, the composition of the team and investigators, issues and outcomes of the project and a provisional budget. This letter of intent will be sent by email.

    Deadline to submit applications: Monday, 30th June, 2014.


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  • Colonization of brain vessels by N. meningitidis

    Research | 02.06.2014

    Elucidating the pathogenic mechanism of meningococcal meningitis

    Neisseria meningitidis, also called meningococcus, is a bacterium responsible for meningitis and septicemia. Its most serious form, purpura fulminans, is often fatal. This bacterium, which is naturally present in humans in the nasopharynx, is pathogenic if it reaches the blood stream. Scientists have deciphered the molecular events through which meningococci target blood vessels and colonize them. This work opens a path to new therapeutic perspectives for treating vascular problems caused by this type of invasive infection.


  • Directing stem cells fates - Institut Pasteur

    Press release | 23.05.2014

    Directing stem cells fates

    Researchers have discovered that the immediate environment of stem cells can have a strong influence on the fate of their descendants : they observed that the forces applied to stem cells during division influenced the likelihood that these dividing cells would produce two new stem cells, one stem cell and one specialized cell, or even two specialized cells. This study has major implications for the therapeutic use of stem cells: it suggests that, by controlling the composition and conditions in the microenvironment of the niche, it is possible to reproduce and retain stem cell properties in culture for subsequent use in transplants to repair damaged tissues.

  • Jobs | 22.05.2014

    The Institut Pasteur in Paris announces an international call for midcareer candidates to establish a research group in epigenetics.

    Successful applicant will be integrated into the cutting edge interdisciplinary environment offered by an internationally renowned institute combining fundamental and translational research, in an attractive location in central Paris, in close proximity to other major research centers. Candidates specializing in the field of DNA methylation, chromatin modifications, chromatin remodelling, non coding RNAs, long range interactions or inheritance of epigenetic traits are encouraged to apply.

  • Symposium scientifique du Réseau International des Instituts Pasteur

    International News | 16.05.2014

    Call for abstracts: Scientific Symposium of the Institut Pasteur International Network, Septembre 10-13, 2014

    The Institut Pasteur in Paris will host the Scientific Symposium of the Institut Pasteur International Network (RIIP) - a three-day scientific conference - followed by the different meetings with the Directors from the Network. The aim of the meeting is to reinforce the interactions between scientists from the various institutes of the network and between scientists working on the campus in Paris and those working within the network. Thus, scientists of the campus in Paris are most welcome to send abstracts describing projects which involve both Paris and the network.

    New deadline for abstract submission: June 13, 2014.


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  • A working trip in Geneva for the Pr Christian Bréchot, President of the Institut Pasteur

    International News | 06.05.2014

    A working trip in Geneva for the Pr Christian Bréchot, President of the Institut Pasteur

    On May 6th, few weeks before the 67th World Health Assembly which will concern some of the priority topics of the Institut Pasteur, the Professor Christian Bréchot, was in Geneva for a working visit. This visit allowed extensive discussions with the Global Fund to Fight against AIDS, tuberculosis and Malaria and the GAVI’s Chief Executive Officer, Dr. Seth Berkley. 

    Several meetings within the World Health Organization (WHO), including one with the Director-general, Margaret Chan, was an opportunity to discuss the strengthening of cooperation between the Institut Pasteur and WHO, especially to cope with the public health crisis.

  • Logo Prix Sanofi-Institut Pasteur 2014

    Event | 16.04.2014

    Sanofi-Institut Pasteur 2014 Awards

    Sanofi and the Institut Pasteur are pleased to announce the Sanofi - Institut Pasteur 2014 Awards. These Awards will honor four scientists, whose outstanding research
    in the life sciences is contributing to progress in global public health, specifically in the following fields: tropical and neglected diseases, immunology, drug resistance and neurobiology.

    Deadline to submit nominations: Friday, 16th May, 2014.



  • Strengthening ties between the IRD and the Institut Pasteur

    International News | 16.04.2014

    Strengthening ties between the IRD and the Institut Pasteur

    On April 16th, 2014 Pr Michel Laurent, President of the Institute of Research for Development (IRD) and Pr Christian Bréchot, President of the Institut Pasteur, signed an amendment to the partnership agreement signed in 2010. This agreement aims to develop joint research projects in regions and communities overseas and in countries in Africa, Mediterranean, Southeast Asia, Latin America and Indian Ocean.

    The IRD and Institut Pasteur wish to synergize their efforts to health’s benefit by strengthening their collaboration and their infrastructure, and mobilize their teams in the concerned countries.



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