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  • Congratulations are in order for the Pasteur iGEM 2016 team!

    Research | 08.12.2016

    Congratulations are in order for the Pasteur iGEM 2016 team!

    On Friday December 9 this year, the 19 students* in the Pasteur iGEM 2016 team receive their awards at a ceremony that took place in the Institut Pasteur’s Duclaux lecture hall in Paris. For the second consecutive year the team excelled in the iGEM (international Genetically Engineered Machine) competition, an annual event to promote research in synthetic biology. The team returned from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (USA) with three trophies and a gold medal – the successful conclusion of an intense working year that proved highly rewarding for each student and for all partners in the initiative.

  •   Avelin Fobang Aghokeng, laureate of the 2015 Dedonder-Clayton prize

    International News | 02.12.2016

    Avelin Fobang Aghokeng, laureate of the 2015 Dedonder-Clayton prize

    Thursday 1 December 2016 - Françoise Barré-Sinoussi and Christian Bréchot opened the third day of the Institut Pasteur International Network Symposium by presenting Avelin Fobang Aghokeng with the 2015 Dedonder Clayton Prize, on the occasion of the World AIDS Day.

  • International News | 02.12.2016

    PTR & ACIP « Best Posters » Prizes awarded to M. Comini (Institut Pasteur in Montevideo) and J. Pizarro-Cerda (Institut Pasteur in Paris)

    The last day of the Institut Pasteur International Symposium started with the first PTR & ACIP Poster Prizes awarded to Marcelo Comini, researcher at the Institut Pasteur in Montevideo for the ACIP poster and to Javier Pizarro-Cerda, researcher at the Institut Pasteur in Paris for the PTR poster

  • International News | 02.12.2016

    Three joint units created to strengthen the research cooperation

    Thursday 01 December 2016 –  The agreements to create the first 3 Pasteur International Joint research units within the Network were signed.


    One unit is created with the Institut Pasteur in Shanghai on parasitology jointly directed by Gérald Spaeth (Head Molecular Parasitology and Signaling Laboratory, Institut Pasteur) and Guangxun Meng (Research Director of Innate Immunity unit, Institut Pasteur in Shanghai)

  • Elisabeth Ravaoarisoa is the 2016 Robert Deschiens Prize Laureate

    International News | 01.12.2016

    Elisabeth Ravaoarisoa (Institut Pasteur in Madagascar) is the 2016 Robert Deschiens Prize Laureate

    The second day of the Institut Pasteur International Symposium started with the Robert Deschiens Prize awarded to Elisabeth Ravaoarisoa, research engineer at the Institut Pasteur in Madagascar. The laureate, rewarded for her work on the evaluation of malaria control strategies in Madagascar, received her prize from Yves Buisson, President of the Exotic Pathology Society.

  • Ouverture de l'édition 2016 du symposium du Réseau international des instituts Pasteur - Institut Pasteur

    International News | 30.11.2016

    3rd Institut Pasteur International Network Symposium celebrates Biomarkers

    The opening ceremony of the Institut Pasteur International Network Symposium held on 29th of November at the Institut Pasteur Conference Center gathered nearly 350 participants.
    Building on the success of the two previous editions, the Symposium focuses this year on all research aspects that might potentially lead to the development of new biomarkers.
    In his opening speech, Christian Brechot, President of the Institut Pasteur, reminded the audience of “the importance new biomarkers discovery and their application into healthcare to meet the challenges posed by both infectious and non-transmissible diseases. Institut Pasteur International Network with its 33 members spread across the five continents is naturally positioned to play a major role in response to these challenges”.
    The opening lecture was covered by Dr. Bali Pulendran, researcher at Emory Vaccine Center (Atlanta) and pioneer in the use of system biology to predict the effectiveness of vaccines and identify new correlates of protection against infectious diseases.
    All week long, 70 speakers will be succeeding one another on stage and more than 150 posters will be presented by scientists coming from more than 40 countries.

  • Institut Pasteur

    Press release | 25.11.2016

    Christian Vigouroux elected as Chairman of the Institut Pasteur Board of Directors

    The new Institut Pasteur Board of Directors held its first meeting on November 24, 2016 and elected as its Chairman French Council of State Department Head Christian Vigouroux. Christian Vigouroux takes over from Rose-Marie Van Lerberghe.

  • Réunion MATI 2016 - Institut Pasteur

    International News | 16.11.2016

    The Institut Pasteur of Iran held the 2016 MATI Regional Meeting of the Institut Pasteur international Network

    100 participants were gathered from 7th to 9th November 2016 at the Institut Pasteur of Iran for the MATI Regional Meeting (Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia and Iran) of the Institut Pasteur International Network.

    The meting was opened by Pr. Hassan Hashemi, Minister of Health of the Islamic Republic of Iran, Pr. Mostafa Ghanei, Director of the Institut Pasteur of Iran,  Mr. François Sénémaud, Ambassador of France in Iran, and Pr. Christian Bréchot, President of the Institut Pasteur. Dr. Hong Tang, Director of the Institut Pasteur in Shanghai - Chinese Academy of Sciences, was also attending the meeting, as scientists from Institut Pasteur Dakar (Senegal) and the Lebanese University. 

    Scientists were invited to brainstormed on 4 research axes of regional and global importance : 

    - Vector-Borne Diseases;

    - Tuberculosis: 

    1. Evaluation of epigenome alteration and gut microbiota diversity in different stages of tuberculosis;

    2. Study of Multi Resistant Tuberculosis : Evaluation the algorithms of diagnosis, treatment and molecular epidemiology;

    - Leishmaniasis: Leishmania Genetics, Host Immune Response, and Vector & Transmission

    - Snake and Scorpion Venoms and Toxins : clinical research; diagnostics;  Next generation of antivenoms (nanobodies); Discovery and optimization of drug leads.

    This meeting was also the opportunity to exchange on technology transfer and business development.

    This meeting has been realized with the support of the Pasteur International Network Association, the Institut Pasteur of Iran, the Mustafa Prize, the Islamic Bank for Development and Cinnagen.

  • First stone laid for the Institut Pasteur in Guinea

    International News | 15.11.2016

    First stone laid for the Institut Pasteur in Guinea

    On November 11 in Conakry, the President of the Republic of Guinea, His Excellency Professor Alpha Condé, laid the first stone of the Institut Pasteur in Guinea at a ceremony attended by the French Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Development Jean-Marc Ayrault. In the wake of the WHO's declaration that the Ebola outbreak in Guinea has ended, on June 1 this year, the event marks the official start of construction work, with the new building planned for completion in 2018.

  • A mosquito of the Aedes genus, the vector of diseases including chikungunya, dengue and Zika.

    Research | 10.11.2016

    Chikungunya spreads in and around homes with women at highest risk

    The mosquito-borne disease chikungunya seems to spread from infections centered in and around the home, with women much more likely to become infected. This finding was revealed by a new study conducted by the Institut Pasteur in Paris, in collaboration with the US-based Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health and the International Centre for Diarrhoeal Disease Research in Bangladesh (icddr,b).



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