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  • Analyse des risques liés aux épidémies virales actuelles 22Sep

    A l'International | 22.09.2015 | 09:00 at 17:30

    Place : A l'Institut Pasteur

    Second Symposium in Integrative Biology of Emerging Infectious Diseases (LabEx IBEID) “Risk Analysis in Current Viral Epidemics”

    This last year has witnessed a number of significant viral threats, continued sporadic cases of MERS coronavirus infections imported into countries around the world, the massive expansion of the Chikungunya epidemic across South and North America, the Ebola crisis in west African countries.


  • 03Jul

    Conférence | 03.07.2015 | 08:15 at 18:00

    Place : A l'Institut Pasteur

    International Symposium GPF "Microbes & Brain"

    Welcome to the International Symposium GPF "Microbes & Brain" 2015!
    This symposium will take place within the framework of the Grand Programme Fédérateur Microbes & Brain (GPF M&B), which aims at creating synergy between Neurosciences, Microbiology and Immunology, three strong research traditions at the Institut Pasteur.

  • 14Oct

    Conférence | 14.10.2015 09:00 to 16.10.2015 18:00

    Place : A l'Institut Pasteur

    International Scientific Symposium 2015

    14-16 October 2015

    Paving the way for research on Global Health and One Health

  • The meeting first focuses on his seminal contributions to the discovery of messenger RNA, with a session on current aspects of RNA research. 24Apr

    Colloque | 24.04.2015 09:00 to 25.04.2015 17:00

    Place : A l'Institut Pasteur

    Tribute to François Gros

    This is a scientific meeting in honour of Professor François Gros who will be 90 in 2015. 

  • Colloque | 13.02.2015 | 09:00 at 20:00

    Place : A l'Institut Pasteur

    Journée de la Recherche Translationnelle

    Federica Sallusto, 
    Jacques Fellay 
    Heiner Wedemeyer 

    Jean Michel Heard 
    Hugo Mouquet 
    Fabrice Chrétien 
    Shahragim Tajbakhsh 
    Catherine Goujon 

    5.30 pm Round Table : Alain Fisher (Imagine), Marc Humbert (INSERM), Mark Miller (Biomerieux), Philippe Monteyne (Sanofi), Christian Bréchot (Institut Pasteur)


    Institut Pasteur, amphithéâtre Duclaux - From 13 février 2015 to 13 février 2015 

  • 08Jan

    A l'International | 08.01.2015 | 16:30 at 17:30

    Place : A l'Institut Pasteur

    "Mathematical models of infectious diseases: Looking at the dynamics of spread to understand the mechanisms"

    Simon Cauchemez

    Unité de modélisation mathématique des maladies infectieuses

    Amphithéâtre Duclaux

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