Joint International Call for Applications Agence Universitaire de la Francophonie - Institut Pasteur Leader of 4-year research group within the Institut Pasteur in Côte d’Ivoire

Agence Universitaire de la Francophonie (AUF) and Institut Pasteur are jointly launching an international call for applications for a future leader of 4-Year Groups (G4) within the Institut Pasteur in Côte d’Ivoire.




Closing date for applications: 30 September 2016



Promoting new talent

AUF and Institut Pasteur wish to strengthen their collaborations in the areas of research, training and teaching, especially in Sub-Saharan Africa and Southeast Asia. 
Criteria for the call for applications
The young scientist leading the group must propose an innovative and ambitious international research programme on markers of chronic hepatitis and primary liver cancer.
The excellent multidisciplinary project should involve national and international member universities of AUF in order to strengthen the latter in their research and training roles. This involvement will take the form of training Master’s and Doctoral students hosted by the G4 and/or participating in research conducted by lecturer-researchers from the partner university or universities. Wherever possible, research subjects will be defined in collaboration with the university teams.
Selection criteria for the proposal 
1.    The quality of the project proposed;
2.    The development of a new skill to benefit the host establishment;
3.    Inclusion of the project in the research objectives of the country of the RIIP member institute in which the G4 will be established;
4.    The cooperation planned with research institutes and universities at local, regional and international level;
5.    The feasibility of the project submitted (appropriate funding, achievable actions).
Selection criteria for the applicant
•    Holds a doctoral degree;
•    Has international post-doctoral experience (3-8 years);
•    Shows high quality scientific results with very good publications of an international standard;
•    Has obtained contracts for funding and research as principal investigator of a project or part of a project;
•    Has the ability to manage and train young scientists;
•    Participates in teaching activities at the partner university in the project;
•    Open to all nationalities;
•    Is resident in a country other than the country of the establishment hosting the G4, or has been resident in the latter for less than two years, having possibly been already recruited as a lecturer-researcher in an AUF member university.

A candidate simultaneously recruited as a lecturer-researcher in a partner university, or who has been recruited within the last two years, will be eligible for this competition, provided that, for the 4 years of the project (G4), s/he can be partly relieved of his/her teaching duties to lead the G4; in this event, the university will be paid compensation. In the event that s/he has not been recruited by a university, the G4 leader will have an identified counterpart within the partner university or universities for the joint supervision of master’s and doctoral students and science seminars.


Conditions of funding

Candidates selected will be appointed head of a research group for 4 years. Successful candidates will receive start-up funding that may include salaries for the head of the group, engineers, technicians and doctoral students, basic laboratory equipment and an operating budget. Candidates will have access to the facilities of the host Institute. It is assumed that the young researcher will obtain fresh funding needed to maintain his/her group for the longer term.



•    July 2016: launch of the Call for Applications
•    September 30th, 2016: closing date for applications
•    End of November 2016: decision of the Steering Committee



Applications are completed exclusively online before 31 March 2016, on the dedicated platform:

Contact: Eliane Coëffier

Updated on 13/07/2016