Greenhouse gas emissions assessment  

In 2012, the Institut Pasteur published a new assessment of its greenhouse gas emissions as required by the Grenelle 2 law of July 12, 2010 and under its commitments to the "Campus Vert" initiative. This assessment follows on from the initial Institut Pasteur carbon footprint assessment completed in 2009.


The Institut Pasteur’s greenhouse gas emissions assessment was based on:


- the Bilan Carbone® V7 tool provided by Association Bilan Carbone;

- a methodological guide produced by the National coordination center on greenhouse gas emissions assessments.


The volume of greenhouse gas emissions produced by the Institut Pasteur (activities, technical equipments and facilities) was assessed for both emission types:

- direct emissions due to operation of technical equipments (fuel used by generators and the vehicle fleet, refrigerants and gases);

- indirect emissions due to energy use (electricity, steam for heating) which account for the bulk of greenhouse gas emissions.

The Institut Pasteur has developed an action plan for 2012-2014 with the aim of reducing these emissions, where possible, and limiting a potential increase due to current new developments.




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Institut Pasteur GHG emissions assessment and action plan (PDF - 326 KB)

French Ministry of Sustainable Development (GHG emissions assessment method), in French only

Association Bilan carbone

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