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  • 01.09.2007

    Rabies - Press kit

      September 2007   > Rabies in France in 2007> Rabies research at the Institut...

    Keywords : rabies

  • 13.07.2007

    Leptospirosis: the first virulence gene identified

    Although leptospirosis is one of the so-called "neglected" diseases, it still causes some 500,000 severe cases in humans around the world each year and also comprises a veterinary problem. A century after the pathogenic agent that causes...

    Keywords : leptospirose

  • 29.06.2007

    Chikungunya: virus target cells identified

    Researchers from the Institut Pasteur and CNRS have identified for the first time the target cells of the Chikungunya virus disease (the "stooped man's disease"), which is currently breaking out in India and Gabon. Their results,...

    Keywords : Chikungunya

  • 22.06.2007

    Rabies in the bat

    The largest active surveillance study of rabies in bats ever performed was carried out by researchers from the Institut Pasteur and from the University of Barcelona in Spain. This study, published in 'PLoS ONE', enabled the evaluation of...

    Keywords : rabies

  • 15.05.2007

    Identification of a susceptibility gene for autism

    A group of the Pasteur Institute has identified a new susceptibility gene for autism. The key role of this gene in melatonin synthesis sheds light on this complex condition. This work is published in the journal Molecular...

    Keywords : Autism