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  • 10.04.2007

    AIDS: the cells that stop the virus

    Rare individuals infected by the AIDS virus control the infection and do not develop the disease, in spite of more than ten years of being HIV positive and in the absence of treatment. A team from the Institut Pasteur and a team from...

    Keywords : sida - VIH

  • 20.03.2007

    Researchers sound the alarm:

    Could multidrug resistance become widespread among strains of the plague bacillus? The study of a fragment of mobile DNA conferring to Yersinia pestis resistance against numerous antibiotics has shown that similar elements are present in...

    Keywords : résistance - plague

  • 12.03.2007

    BCG: should clinical trials be reconducted?

    The various BCG strains used to vaccinate against tuberculosis throughout the world may not all have the same level of effectiveness. This was the conclusion of a study conducted by researchers from Institut Pasteur, published today in...

    Keywords : BCG

  • 22.02.2007

    Aquatic Predator Insect Saliva May Protect Against Buruli Ulcer

    Buruli ulcer is a necrotizing skin disease that is very disabling, caused by bacteria that inhabit aquatic environment. It is rife in several regions of the world and is developing at a disturbing rate in West Africa. Researchers at the...

    Keywords : ulcère de Buruli

  • 15.02.2007

    The virulence of the plague bacillus: a "virus" involved...

    During Middle Age, the plague decimated almost one third of the European population in less than 3 years. Why is the plague bacillus so pathogenic? Researchers from the Institut Pasteur have discovered that the infection of the ancestral...

    Keywords : peste