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  • 24.02.2012

    New cancer target identified?

    A team of researchers from the Institut Pasteur and the CNRS has recently identified a protein that can specifically control the activity of an enzyme whose dysfunction has been linked to the development of several types of cancer. This...

    Keywords : cancer

  • 14.02.2012

    Europe’s united front against emerging viruses

    The new PREDEMICS* project strives to improve current knowledge on certain emerging infectious diseases and develop effective treatment and prevention resources. The European Union will be financing this project to the tune of €11.7...

    Keywords : emerging diseases - epidemic - west Nile - flu - SARS

  • 10.02.2012

    Newly characterized dengue virus antibody shows promise

    Research teams from the Institut Pasteur, the CNRS, and Inserm have recently characterized the structure and mechanism of action of an antibody that successfully neutralizes all four strains of the dengue virus in mice models. Their...

    Keywords : Dengue - vaccine

  • 09.02.2012

    New results underline the importance of synaptic genes in autism

    Autism has been declared a major national cause for 2012, and will have a high profile in France throughout the whole year. Paradoxically, this syndrome – and its causes in particular – remains poorly understood. A study published on...

    Keywords : Autism - brain

  • 23.01.2012

    Launching of the Institut Pasteur in Laos

      Today, Monday January 23, 2012, in Vientiane the launch of the Institut Pasteur in Laos was officiated by the Lao Minister of Public Health, professor Som Ock Kingsadat and the President of the Institut Pasteur in Paris,...

    Keywords : flu - Chikungunya - Dengue - Malaria - emerging diseases