Technical Resources and Environment Department

The role of the Technical Resources and Environment Department is to develop and implement Institut Pasteur policy in terms of safety and risk prevention, environmental protection and health in the workplace.


The Technical Resources and Environment Department promotes and provides training for all Institut Pasteur staff in safety, care for the environment and quality.


The department ensures that all QSE (quality-safety-environment) regulations and standards are complied with and applicable regulations are implemented, liaising with the relevant inspection authorities (Préfecture, Works inspectorate, French Nuclear Safety Authority (ASN), French Agency for the Safety of Medicines and Health Products (ANSM), French Ministry of Research, etc.).


Its work involves supervising cross-disciplinary projects in the common interest in all QSE areas (waste streams, GMO approval, ANSM clearance, etc.).


Further areas of responsibility of the Technical Resources and Environment Department include application of quality policy and supporting administrative and scientific teams in implementing continuous improvement procedures.


The department provides expert guidance for all Institut Pasteur projects and units (premises development plans, animal experimentation projects, review of work situations, quality issues, etc.).


It analyzes incidents and accidents that occur and takes action to prevent recurrence and identify risks in order to develop mitigation strategies.


The department comprises 4 units: Logistics/Security, Risk Prevention, Environmental Quality and Sustainable Development, and Technical Services.


The unit heads reporting to the department assist the scientific and administrative teams in their duties towards personal and infrastructure safety. They coordinate all issues raised in cross-disciplinary projects on the Institut Pasteur campus, intervene in emergency situations, and assist the authorities with their protection duties (firefighters, police department, etc.).


The Technical Resources and Environment Department has been led by Nathalie Denoyés since September 2008.

Updated on 27/01/2014


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