Senior Management

The senior management team is responsible for the overall policy approach and smooth running of the Institut Pasteur that it represents externally.

The senior management provides executive leadership to the Institut Pasteur. It makes the decisions required to provide overall policy direction within the Institut Pasteur in line with its assigned responsibilities. It is charged with developing a forward-looking strategic vision for the Institut Pasteur's scientific activities.

The senior management appoints all staff (other than those members appointed by the Board of Directors) and sanctions expenditure.


The senior management is responsible for the successful translation of fundamental discoveries in science to applications in human health.


It builds partnerships with industry.


It promotes cooperative research programs between the 32 institutes that form the Institut Pasteur International Network.


It supervises Institut Pasteur fundraising activities.


The President is the Institut Pasteur's legal representative.


The Institut Pasteur's senior management team has been led by its President, Prof. Christian Bréchot since October 1, 2013.

Updated on 06/02/2014


Pasteur museum

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The Pasteur Museum is located at the Institut Pasteur, situated at: 25 rue du Docteur Roux 75015 Paris, France

Pasteur Museum

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