Medical Department

The Medical Department is concerned with public health issues related to National Reference Centers for communicable diseases (hosted by the Institut Pasteur), with organizing clinical research and with healthcare services provided by the Institut Pasteur Medical Center.


The role of the Medical Department is to :

  • Coordinate the National Reference Centers for communicable diseases, associated laboratories and WHO Collaborating Centers, in close interaction with the relevant health authorities (DGS, InVS, ECDC, etc.)
  • Organize and develop clinical research (including vaccinology and biological therapies).
  • Raise awareness of the ethical issues involved in clinical research both on campus and within the Institut Pasteur International Network.
  • Coordinate regulatory procedures for import/export clearance and declarations of Human Biological Sample Collections in relation with the Technical Resources and Environment Department, with the French Ministry of Research.
  • Help to implement the quality policy for structures that come under its responsibility (reference centers and medical center). 
  • Organize and secure the healthcare services and advice provided to Medical Center patients.
  • Run the Committee for assessment of public health research by executive administrative and technical staff (COMSAP).
  • Structure and develop partnerships with hospitals and other organizations involved in translational and clinical research.

The Medical Division has authority over the :

The Clinical Research ethics advisor reports to both the Medical Division and the Scientific Division.


The Laboratory for Urgent Response to Biological Threats, or CIBU (lien), reports to the Medical Division.


The Medical Division also cooperates with the Cochin-Pasteur Vaccinology Clinical Investigation Center.

Updated on 16/07/2013


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