Legal Affairs Department

The role of the Legal Department is to protect the interests and to secure the rights of Institut Pasteur, notably in the fields of life sciences, intellectual property and new technologies, and in corporate and insurance matters.


Organized by areas of expertise, the Department is responsible for all legal matters with the exception of human resources. It provides legal support to scientists, to  administrative departments and to the Institut Pasteur International Network.

The Department ensures legal security while respecting Institut Pasteur values and general policy, by:


  • a contractual policy tailored to the interests at stake,
  • oversight of corporate governance in accordance with the rules applicable to foundations, in general, and those that are specific to the Pasteur Institute.
  • a strict trademark policy,
  • a flexible and adjustable insurance policy.

The Legal Affairs Department is also charged with monitoring regulatory developments and ensuring that all Institut Pasteur practices meet the applicable compliance requirements.


The Legal Affairs Department is being led by Régine Borgeot.

Updated on 25/03/2016


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The Pasteur Museum is located at the Institut Pasteur, situated at: 25 rue du Docteur Roux 75015 Paris, France

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