International Division

The International Division is responsible for developing major international projects in partnership with international foundations and other private actors and to promote the image of the Institut Pasteur at the international level.


Within the Institut Pasteur International Network, the Institut Pasteur International Division provides scientific and administrative management for 14 institutions with various statutes. The International Division also coordinates manifold and close scientific collaboration between the members of the Institut Pasteur International Network. This privileged relationship allows the development of a scientific program of the International Network which also integrates many external partners.


The Institut Pasteur International Division also:


  • Promotes the development of regional clusters in South America, the Middle East, Africa and Asia 
  • Represents the Institut Pasteur to organizations, and to the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs and other ministries (Research, Health) for any matter concerning the international
  • Facilitates research funding from agencies and major international foundations to the Institut Pasteur and the Institut Pasteur International Network
  • Develops interfaces in a number of countries



Teaching and training are an essential part of the work of each institute member of the Institut Pasteur International Network. The grants from the Calmette and Yersin Programme, funded by the Institut Pasteur International Division allow an ambitious training programme for international researchers and scientists within the network for initial and further training to allow scientists to learn the Pasteurian methods. These grants offer a unique opportunity of training by the research.


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