Financial Affairs Department

The Financial Affairs Department is responsible for :

  • Institut Pasteur policy on financial, fiscal and accounting management and procurement, including making proposals, implementation and verification tasks,
  • Institut Pasteur budget strategy and its implementation,
  • Institut Pasteur resource planning.

The Financial Affairs Department is in charge of the budget preparation, execution and monitoring phases and for preparing the Institut Pasteur balance sheet and annual accounts.


The Financial Affairs Department comprises the following units : 


  • Accounts
  • Procurement

  • Legacies and Real Estate Assets Management

  • Cash Management and Assignments

  • Budget and Management Control

  • Management and Projects


Corinne Fortin became Vice-President Financial Affaires at the Institut Pasteur on February 4, 2013.

Olivier Gramail became Vice-President Human Resources at the Institut Pasteur on May 2, 2012. - See more at:
Updated on 27/01/2014


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The Pasteur Museum is located at the Institut Pasteur, situated at: 25 rue du Docteur Roux 75015 Paris, France

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