Sylvain Coudon, Vice-President Communications and Fundraising at the Institut Pasteur

Sylvain Coudon has been Institut Pasteur Vice-President of Communications and Fundraising since April 2006.


His earlier career was spent in strategic and operational roles in the research and healthcare sectors, working for both advertisers and ad agencies. He has been awarded many prizes by his peers.


A specialist in public communications and fundraising, he previously held many positions of responsibility in the private and public sectors. He managed major campaigns to change consumer behavior and habits and won the Major National Cause title on three occasions.


At a glance:

Communications Director for the National Union of Maladjusted Children

Communications Director for AFM/Telethon

Communications Director for the French Institute for Public Health Surveillance

Development Director for the Agence Verte

Communications Director for the MFP Group/MFP Services

Updated on 16/07/2013


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