Board of Scientific Advisors

Members of Board of Scientific Advisors


The Institut Pasteur’s senior management team, led by its President Prof. Christian Bréchot, is advised by top-level scientists from both the Institut Pasteur and the larger scientific community. Together, these men and women make up the Board of Scientific Advisors.
The Board of Scientific Advisors is not designed to represent individual scientific disciplines, nor does it aim to repeat the work of the Scientific Council, Unit Heads or Department Heads. Rather, its focus is to:


  • Offer a “cross-disciplinary” perspective on matters awaiting Management’s decision;
  • Help plan and discuss the major policy strategies the Institut Pasteur will need to implement in the coming years.


Members of the Board of Scientific Advisors:

> Anne Dejean
> James Philip Di Santo
> Arnaud Fontanet
> Christine Petit
> Félix Rey
> Philippe Sansonetti
> Brigitte Autran
> Patrick Couvreur
> Anne Ephrussi
> Andrew Griffiths

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