General Meeting

The General Meeting approves the Board of Directors’ Annual Report on Institut Pasteur activity, elects 16 members to the Board of Directors and votes on changes to the articles of association upon proposal by the Board of Directors.


The General Meeting is convened at least once a year by the Chairman of the Board of Directors.



The General Meeting board has between 93 and 109 members, comprised as follows:


  • 20 ex officio or appointed members;
  • 6 to 12 directors from the Institut Pasteur International Network appointed under the rules of procedure and elected by the Council of Directors of the International Network;
  • 30 members from among the scientific, administrative and technical managers working either full or part-time at the Institut Pasteur and elected by their peers;
  • 6 representatives from non-managerial Institut Pasteur staff unions, elected by the Works Committee;
  • 31 to 41 members from outside the Institut Pasteur, chosen for their expertise or interest in the Institut Pasteur, elected by members on the General Meeting board on proposal from the Board of Directors or a member of the General Meeting.

All members (apart from ex officio members) are appointed for six years. The General Meeting board appoints a Chairman and a Minutes Secretary from within its ranks.


Download the full list of members of the Institut Pasteur General Meeting board.(Only available in French)

Updated on 01/12/2014


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The Pasteur Museum is located at the Institut Pasteur, situated at: 25 rue du Docteur Roux 75015 Paris, France

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