Board of Directors

Through its proceedings, the Board of Directors settles Institut Pasteur matters. Its 21 members meet at least four times a year and attend the proceedings of the General Meeting but do not take part in voting.



Advising on strategic policies set out by the President:


  • Voting on the budgets, approving the accounts and setting the budgetary headcount;
  • Determining the status and pay of the various categories of personnel;
  • Authorizing legal proceedings;
  • Appointing the President after the Chairman has consulted each member of the Scientific Council, heads of the different scientific departments and, if deemed useful, any other competent person;
  • On proposal from the President, appointing the scientific directors and senior managers to the rank of professor and Senior Vice-Presidents and directors of the scientific departments as applicable;
  • Approving the establishment or disestablishment of research units, also on proposal from the President;
  • Examining the accounts and any rate of levy applied or the period of use of funds by the Foundation in order to balance out management of service provided.


Board members and appointment criteria

1. Election process


Members are appointed as follows:


5 ex officio members:

  • One representative of the French Minister for Research;
  • One representative of the French Minister for Health;
  • The Chief Executive Officer of the CNRS (French National Center for Scientific Research), representing the French Minister for Higher Education;
  • The Chief Executive Officer of Inserm, representing the French Minister for Public Health;
  • One representative of the French Minister for the Budget.

16 members elected at the General Meeting from either within or outside its ranks, or co-opted by the Board itself, and including:


  • 4 members chosen for their scientific expertise, at least 3 of whom working at the Institut Pasteur. These members are elected on the basis of "double nominee" proposals made by the Scientific Council.
  • 2 members from Institut Pasteur non-scientific staff with at least ten years' service. These members are elected on the basis of "double nominee" proposals from the Works Committee.
  • 10 members not working at the Institut Pasteur, and including:


    - 4 members chosen for their administrative expertise, at least 2 of whom working, or having worked, in scientific institutions or departments;


    - 6 members chosen for their financial, industrial, commercial or legal expertise.

Half the elected members appointed for six years are renewed every three years in each category.


The Board of Directors chooses a bureau from among its members, composed of a Chairman, one or two Vice-Chairmen, a Secretary and a Treasurer, elected for a three-year renewable term.


The Board of Directors can delegate some of its powers to its Chairman and bureau, which is convened on a monthly basis.


2. Composition


Board of Directors bureau :

  • Chairman: Rose-Marie Van Lerberghe, Member of the High Council of the Judiciary
  • Vice-Chairman: Laurent Degos, Professor of Haematology and Physician at the Saint-Louis hospital
  • Vice-Chairman: Bernard Guirkinger, Suez Environnement
  • Treasurer: Sophie Mantel, Assistant Director of the Budget Directorate – Ministry of Economy and Finances
  • Secretary: Alain Jacquier, Head of the Macromolecular Interaction Genetics Unit, Institut Pasteur
  • Bureau member: Michèle Froment-Védrine, Chief Adviser to the French Government’s Accounting Office


Board members

Stewart Cole
Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne


Jean-François Delfraissy
Director of ANRS (France Recherche Nord Sud Sida HIV Hépatites) and Director of the Institute of Microbiology and Infectious deseases (IMMI / AVIESAN)


Dominique Deville de Perrière
SPFCO - B4, Directorate-General of Research and Innovation, French Ministry of Research and Higher Education


Alain Fuchs
Executive President of CNRS (Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique)


Claude Leclerc
Head of the Immune Regulation and Vaccinology Unit, Institut Pasteur


Jean-Bernard Levy
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Thalès


Yves Levy
Chairman and CEO of Inserm (French National Institute for Health and Medical Research)


Isabelle Pelletier-Doucement
Engineer in the Biology of Enteric Viruses Provisional Unit, Institut Pasteur


Armelle Phalipon
Molecular Microbial Pathogenesis Unit, Institut Pasteur


Thierry Planchenault
Project Officer in the Bacteria-Cell Interactions Unit and in the Molecular Pathogenesis Unit, Institut Pasteur


Odile Puijalon
Scientist, Institut Pasteur


Kory Sorenson
Independant administrator


François Taddeï
President, Center for Research & Interdisciplinarity


Benoît Vallet
Director-General for Health, French Ministry of Labor, Employment and Health


Lionel Zinsou
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, PAI Partners

Updated on 22/07/2014