To keep pace with the latest developments in biological research the Institut Pasteur pursues an independent scientific policy. Particular focus is placed on new research topics, multidisciplinary interactions, and the transfer of scientific discoveries to applications. Our goal: to further biomedical research and knowledge for a more effective fight against disease.


At the forefront of biomedical research

The Institut Pasteur has a flexible and responsive organization. Multidisciplinary research teams work closely with the decision-makers and cross-disciplinary programs are encouraged. Thanks to this organization, high-caliber and varied scientific projects in the key areas of biology, microbiology, immunology, genetics and molecular biology can be undertaken by Institut Pasteur scientists to advance research in infectious diseases. Underpinning this is an active strategy to recruit young scientists and foster new avenues of research, and thus to broaden the Institut Pasteur’s expertise to other research areas.


At the cutting edge of technology

Our approach is supported by a range of technological facilities available to our teams. These facilities are key to achieving fast response times. The Institut Pasteur regularly invests in cutting-edge facilities located on technological platforms for use by its in-house scientists and scientists from other research organizations.


An open-minded approach to foster cooperation

Scientists need to address the challenges of infectious diseases facing the world today and remain at the forefront of new research developments. To meet the current challenges, the Institut Pasteur fosters scientific cooperation with French stakeholders such as the CNRS, Inserm, higher education institutions and hospitals (Necker, Cochin, etc.), and international organizations such as the WHO, National Institutes of Health and many more.


The Institut Pasteur International Network is a unique example of successful international cooperation with cross-disciplinary teams associated in efficient basic (fundamental) research, epidemiological surveillance and field operations.


A constant concern to boost the conversion of discoveries to applications

The Institut Pasteur draws on the expertise of its scientists, ensuring the safeguard and transfer of their research findings into applications, and effectively bridging the gap between the worlds of research and industry. Cooperation is sought with various partner organizations. For the past 15 years we have provided the necessary impetus to help young start-ups whose scientific innovations were developed in our laboratories.


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A unique economic model


The Institut Pasteur’s budget relies on funding from four sources:


gifts, government contributions, business development and research contracts.


A feature that guarantees the independence of our private, state-approved foundation and places the burden of responsibility on the institute with respect to its contributors.


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