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The Institut Pasteur is a recognized public benefit organization with three core missions: research, public health and teaching. Founded over a century ago and still true to the humanist ideals of Louis Pasteur, the institute of today stands at the forefront of biomedical research.



Setting the international standard of excellence in infectious diseases, our scientists strive daily to move research forward and fight the microorganisms that cause disease, whether viruses, bacteria, fungi or parasites. Widely recognized as the birthplace of microbiology and a cradle of many other disciplines, the institute also helped lay the foundations of immunology and molecular biology. Today our scientists have pushed back the boundaries and now also focus on the neurosciences, developmental biology, stem cells, genetics and genomics.


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Public health

The Institut Pasteur’s public health mission is to promote the transfer of scientific discoveries made in our 130 research laboratories to human health applications. Our institute is actively involved in clinical research projects aimed at developing innovative therapies.


As a microbiological observatory for communicable diseases, the Institut Pasteur coordinates epidemiological surveillance of diseases throughout France via the 15 National reference centers (CNR) hosted by its laboratories. These centers support health authorities in the areas of diagnosis, epidemiological surveillance, and research. Of the 15 centers, seven are also World Health Organization Collaborating Centers (WHOCCs) tasked with the same duties in the international arena.



Each year, students from all over the world come to further their training or to supplement their degree programs at the Institut Pasteur Teaching Center. Courses cover three main areas of study - Mechanisms of Living Organisms, Biology of Microorganisms, and Epidemiology and Public Health - and are attended by 500 students every year. Institut Pasteur laboratories host two hundred and fifty PhD students.



The Institut Pasteur is at the center of an international network of 32 institutes located on every continent worldwide. They have all signed a charter declaring their commitment to Pasteurian values, and are all united in the fight against infectious diseases. We are also involved in numerous projects with major international scientific bodies such as the World Health Organization, and many universities and research institutes worldwide.


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