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The Institut Pasteur promotes entrepreneurship with the aim that the creation of new companies from Institut Pasteur laboratories should in the future play​ an important role in disseminating cutting-edge innovative technologies derived from the campus.



(Created in 2010)

Affilogic is a biotech company developing a new class of proprietary affinity ligands: Nanofitins®. Nanofitins® are able to selectively bind a wide range of targets and have proven excellent tools for: Targeting (immunolocalization, in vivo neutralization), Capture (affinity chromatography, protein removal…), Detection (immunoassays, Western Blot…). Nanofitins® constitute a robust and affordable alternative to antibodies.

Contact: Olivier Kitten, CEO:

(Created in November 2003) 

Anaconda Pharma ("Anaconda") has developed a proprietary technology platform that allows to discover drugs that inhibit protein/protein interactions ("PPI"). The company has initially applied its technology to develop drugs to treat Human Papillomavirus ("HPV")-related diseases. Anaconda originated in The Pasteur Institute ans UC Berkeley and is incorporated and headquartered in Paris, France.

Contact: Marta Blumenfeld, CEO:

(Created in May 2005) 

Ariana™ Pharma delivers intelligent tools to dramatically improve decision-making in the fields of discovery, development and safety for the pharmaceutical industry. Its KEM® knowledge extraction and management system comprehensively mines data, identifying relations that other systems neglect, and helps scientists take decisions involving a wide range of criteria and objectives.

Contact : Mohammad Afshar, CEO:

(Created in 2010)

Axenis is a company providing preclinical research services. After more than 15 years of research and development at the Institut Pasteur, Erwan Corcuff, the CEO, offers know-how and unique models for industrial preclinical studies.

Contact: Erwan Corcuff, CEO:

(Created in 2000) 

CELLECTIS SA was founded as a spin-off from the Institut Pasteur. It is the first company to apply the Meganuclease Recombination System approach to in vivo genome engineering. Cellectis is focused on the research and development of novel Meganucleases for genome intervention and provides tools for in vivo site directed recombination.

Contact: André Choulika, President & CEO:

(Created in 2004)

Genomic Vision is a biotechnology company that combines pioneering Molecular Combing, a proprietary single DNA molecule detection technology, with biomarker discovery to develop and commercialize novel genetic tests and research tools for life science. Genomic Vision’s products focus on DNA analysis and genetic testing in the fields of cancer, rare inherited disorders and pharmacogenomics.

Contact: Aaron Bensimon, CEO:

(Created in October 2001) 

Genticel is a bio-pharmaceutical company, created in 2001 and spun out from the Institut Pasteur in 2002. The company strives to improve the well-being of people through the development of therapeutic vaccines for infection, dysplasia and cancer provoked by the Human Papillomavirus (HPV).

Contact: Benedikt Timmerman, CEO:

Created in April 1998) 

Hybrigenics is a bio-pharmaceutical company listed (ALHYG) on Alternext (NYSE-Euronext) in Paris, focusing its internal R&D programs on innovative targets and therapies for the treatment of proliferactive cancerous or non-cancerous diseases. Hybrigenics’ current development program is based on inecalcitol, a vitamin D receptor agonist active by oral administration.

Contact: Rémi Delansorne, CEO:

(Creation in 2010)

Pierre Langlade-Demoyen and Simon Wain-Hobson have created Invectys, a company engaged in the development of a very promising new therapeutic cancer vaccine based upon an original “telomerase DNA technology”. The basic scientific research demonstrates a particularly promising reaction to the treatment, and a hope of potential treatment of a broad array of cancers.

Contact: Abderrahim Lachgar, COO:

Creation in 2010)

Pathoquest SAS is a distinctive new generation Molecular Diagnostics company that offers a game changing approach using the combination of disruptive NGS (Next Generation Sequencing) and Bioinformatics / Database tools.

Contact: Luc Boblet, CEO:

(Created in January 1987) 
Texcell is a world-renowned company that provides high-quality biosafety and immunology services for bioproducts in full compliance with GLP and GMP standards. With 25 years experience, they have tested and validated products now licensed by the FDA and the EMEA (e.g. monoclonal antibodies, recombinant proteins, viral vaccines, human plasma products, biological APIs, gene therapy and cell therapy products). Texcell provides viral safety testing, virus validation and immunoprofiling.

Contact: Bernard Plichon, CEO:

(Creation in 2005)

THERAVECTYS is a clinical development-stage biotechnology company with a novel vaccine platform that can be applied to the treatment and prevention of a broad range of infectious diseases, cancers, and other diseases and conditions. Research and development activities are based on 15 years of research conducted at the Pasteur Molecular Virology and Vectorology laboratories.

Contact: Renault Vaillant, CEO:


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