Partnership Research

With our industrial partners, let’s accelerate innovation for patients and public health.



Partnership Research - Institut Pasteur

The application of innovative research to the patient is a challenge that no single organization can handle alone.

Today, the academic and industrial players must gather their expertise at very early stages to address medical issues, science, and technology.

With beautiful successes from a research partnership, the Pasteur Institute amplifies its opening approach to its future industrial partners, from start-ups to large groups.

This common approach should lead to greater responsiveness and adaptation to societal needs, present and future. 















Innovate together


> Engage in joint scientific thinking to innovate together better

> Listening and responding to your requests and needs

> Propose you R & D thematics originating from Institut Pasteur innovation

> Responding to a national or international call for proposals

> Benefit from the research tax credit rate of 60%

> Obtain exploitation rights


Convergence and a willingness to work together must be identified through a process of dialog between our scientists


Updated on 10/06/2014