Industrial contract department

The Industrial Contracts Office bears both contractual and financial responsibilities.


The mission of the Industrial Contracts Office is to follow up the financial and contractual management of all agreements signed with industrial partners.

This office also manages the co-owner relationships and the monitoring of “Conventions de Valorisation” (business development agreements) with academic partners such as CNRS, INSERM, UP7, UPMC….

The Industrial Contracts Office provides a budget (resources and costs) related to the commercialization of research results i.e licensing activities, research and development contracts, material transfer agreements, services and consulting agreements (incomes and costs). It establishes mid-term forecasts of financial flows, based on contract developments.


Industrial Contracts:

162 contracts managed in 2012 including 63 new agreements 




In 2012, The Industrial Contracts Office managed 162 contracts with 63 new dues

The Industrial Contracts Office goals are:

  • To distribute signed agreements to the internal or external involved parties
  • To make sure that all terms of these  agreements are respected by the parties
  • To secure the financial and contractual follow up of the agreements

More specifically, it managed 59 collaborative and Services agreements including 24 new dues, 46 Biological Material Agreements including 17 new dues, 67 Licenses, Patents and Trademarks including 10 new dues and 18 consultancy agreements including 12 new dues.



The Industrial Contracts Office has a dedicated manager for each contract type. A main goal = secure the execution of contract terms


Research and Development Contracts and Expertise:

•        Initiate budget implementation

•        Ensure compliance with contractual terms

•        Monitor the project progress and the submission of deliverables

•        Manage the financial aspects of the agreement.



Biological material:

•        Ensure the actual material transfer and its destruction at the end of the contract

•        Manage the financial follow up of the agreement.



Licenses patents and trademarks:

•        Set up monitoring tools

•        Analyze the development plans

•        Check and study sales reports

•        Collect royalties

•        Charge patent fees



Consultancy agreements:

•        Evaluate the mission requests

•        Negotiate the terms of contracts

•        Write contracts with the Legal Department

•        Assist researchers involved


Industrial Alliances




In 2012, 46 millions € had been generated. 24.6 million € came from Patents and Know-How licenses, 10.8 million € came from Trademark licenses, 7.7 million € came from Research & Development agreements, 0.34 million € came from Biological Material agreements and 0,1 million € came from Services



Co-Owner Relationships (CNRS, INSERM, Universities,….)


The Industrial Contracts Office manages the follow up of agreements in which a co-owned patent is involved.

● It distributes contracts to the Co- owners.

● It participates in the calculation of rate allocation for the sharing of costs and revenues related to patents.

● It shares incomes and costs

● It monitors agreements signed and managed by the co – owners



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