Medical Center

The Medical Center of the Institut Pasteur (MCIP) is the only public health entity of the Institut Pasteur in direct contact with the public, through its vaccination center and its out-patient-department (OPD). The traditional activities of the MCIP are clinical, in two main fields: 

  • Infectious and Tropical diseases, travel medicine

The two main medical orientations are travel medicine (with vaccination and travel advice prior to departure) in adults and children, and imported post travel diseases (mainly infectious and tropical). A consultation is dedicated to NGO employees, providing them healthcare before and after expatriation. Other key orientations include: 
- rabies treatment after exposure, with a large amount of patients coming from enzootic areas. The MCIP rabies also works in close collaboration with the National Reference Center for Rabies to support the monitoring and alert system.
- HIV infection, in close collaboration with the Necker University hospital via the Necker Pasteur Infectious Diseases Center (cohort of 800 patients), 
- other cosmopolitan infectious diseases (Lyme borreliosis, etc.), 
- “infectious” dermatology, with a particular focus on hidradenitis suppurativa, in close collaboration with Necker University Hospital. 


  • Allergology

The medical emphasis is on general allergology, both diagnostic and therapeutic, with a special interest in hereditary angioedema. The MCIP has the most important cohort in France for this disease.
The MCIP team also manages clinical research and epidemiological studies, directly connected to its medical orientations.
Since 2008, the MCIP has been involved in a quality management system. It is the first health center in France to receive the AFAQ certificate from AFNOR certification. 


2013 medical attendance at the MCIP:

   International Vaccination Center

52 748

   Infectious diseases consultation

13 777

   Rabies treatment center

2 393

   Allergology consultation

6 905


Updated on 25/02/2014