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Mots clefs
Postdoctoral position in Virology 21 Jul 2014 Post-doc Postdoctoral, Post-doc
Postdoctoral position in quantitative microbiology/biophysics 21 Jul 2014 Post-doc Post-doc, Postdoctoral
Post-doctoral position on immunobiology of anaphylaxis (allergic shock) 9 Jul 2014 Post-doc Post-doc, Postdoctoral
Secretary Pasteur International Network Association 4 Jul 2014 Fixed-termed contract Secretary, assistant
Scientific Director 20 Jun 2014 Permanent contract Scientific, Scientific Director, director
Deputy Director of the Center for Global Health 16 Jun 2014 Permanent contract Deputy Director
Global Health Project Assistant 16 Jun 2014 Training
Scientific Director Network 15 May 2014 Permanent contract
Experimental evolution of arboviruses during natural transmission: identifying evolutionary trajectories and predicting emergence events 5 Dec 2013 Post-doc
Study of Chikungunya virus replication and entry into mammalian cells 8 Nov 2013 Post-doc