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DIU Microscopie Electronique
· Savoir choisir l’approche technique qui répond le mieux aux objectifs du travail.
· Éviter les pièges liés aux artéfacts de préparation par une bonne connaissance des techniques.
· Être capable de reconnaitre les tissus normaux et les principales lésions pathologiques.
· Savoir poser un diagnostic sur des lésions cellulaires et/ou tissulaires.

4 UE d'enseignement :
UE 1 : du 1er au 5 février 2016 - Clermont-Ferrand
UE 2 : du 9 au 11 mars 2016 - Paris
UE 3 : du 30 mars au 1e avril 2016 - Paris
UE 4 : du 9 au 13 mai 2016 - Clermont-Ferrand
Institut Pasteur et Faculté de Médecine de Clermont Ferrand - From 01 février 2016 to 13 mai 2016

Contact: Fabrice CHRETIEN (fabrice.chretien@pasteur.fr)

EMBO Conference: Problems of Listeriosis ISOPOL XIX Conference
The bacterium Listeria monocytogenes is responsible for severe food-borne infections that affect immunocompromised individuals, new born babies, elderly and pregant women. Mortality due to listeriosis is still close to 30%. Contamination by this organism leads to food recalls from the market. Listeria is also of veterinary imortance. Strikingly, three decades of molecular, and cellular studies have in addition raised Listeria among the best models in infection biology.

The EMBO conference ISOPOL XIX is the 19th edition of an international meeting which gathers every three years, participants from all over the world and allows exchange and update on a wide range of topics concerning Listeria and listeriosis from epidemiology, diagnostic, and typing methods, to genomics, post-genomics, fundamental microbiology, cell biology and pathogenesis.

The meeting intends to attract up to 450 participants. The target audience includes scientists including students and post docs, from the academy, from the industry and from public health agencies i.e. fundamental microbiologists, medical microbiologists, veterinary microbiologists and public health specialists as well as researchers in cell biology and immunology.
Institut Pasteur - CIS - From 14 juin 2016 to 17 juin 2016

Contact: Pascale COSSART (isopol2016@pasteur.fr)

EMBO Workshop on "Membrane fusion in health and disease"
Online registration mandatory for Pastorians : 150 €
Institut Pasteur, CIS - From 20 juin 2016 to 24 juin 2016

Contact: Félix Rey (membranefusion2016@pasteur.fr)

XXII International Round Table on Nucleosides, Nucleotides and Nucleic Acids
The congress is jointly organized by french researchers from Institut Pasteur, Université d’Orléans and Université Paris-Descartes, together with the International Society of Nucleosides, Nucleotides and Nucleic Acids (IS3NA, http://conferences_rw.is3na.org).

The dedicated Local Organizers and the top-class Scientific Committee have set-up an exciting scientific program keeping in mind that analogues of nucleosides, nucleotides and oligonucleotides are finding increased applications in biotechnology, biology, and medicine. The XXII IRT will bring together chemists, molecular biologists, biochemists, biologists, medicinal chemists and others, interested in understanding all aspects of this field. The 2016 XXII IRT aims to put at the forefront the latest developments in innovation-driven nucleos(t)ide and oligonucleotide chemistry both in academia and industry, for dealing with the new challenges of our century. The program will feature keynote lectures on following area:

Approved-drugs: from bench to bedside
Anti-cancer, anti-infective and other biologically active nucleos(t)ides
Innovation-driven nucleos(t)ide chemistry
Nucleotide signaling molecules
Synthesis and structure of nucleic acids
Oligonucleotides for therapeutic applications and biotechnology
Biochemistry of nucleosides and nucleic acids

Our young(er) colleagues (Faculty, Post-doctoral fellows, PhD students) are especially welcome to showcase their research (poster and oral presentations) and ideas, and to take advantage of this unique networking opportunity. We also have planned a very rich social program in addition to the scientific program and we suggest that you spend a few extra days in order to really experience the true life and hospitality of Paris.
Institut Pasteur - CIS - From 18 juillet 2016 to 22 juillet 2016

Contact: Sylvie Pochet (contact.irt2016@pasteur.fr)

EMBO Conference Tuberculosis 2016: "Interdisciplinary research on tuberculosis and pathogenic mycobacteria"
The EMBO conference “Tuberculosis 2016: Interdisciplinary research on tuberculosis and pathogenic mycobacteria” to be held this year from 19-23 September in the CIS of the Institut Pasteur, will focus on new biological insights and scientific advances on tuberculosis-causing and related pathogenic mycobacteria, and how this knowledge might be used to cope with the enormous problems that pathogenic mycobacteria cause for millions of people today.

Online registration mandatory for Pastorians : 150 €
Institut Pasteur, CIS - From 19 septembre 2016 to 23 septembre 2016

Contact: Roland Brosch (tuberculosis2016@pasteur.fr)