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Cilia 2014
We are delighted to announce Cilia 2014, an international meeting on cilia and cilia biology, which is to be held on the Institut Pasteur campus in Paris town centre from 18th to 21st November 2014.

Since 1993, a great number of major discoveries in cilia biology have emerged from diverse disciplines including cellular and molecular biology, genetics, clinical science and biophysics. This has been accompanied by the realisation that defects in cilia form and function underlie a family of diseases that have become known as the ciliopathies. It is estimated that about 1 200 people in Europe are affected by a ciliopathy.

Cilia 2014 will focus on (but not be limited to) recent advances in cilia structure and function including trafficking, cilia and development, cilia in human genetic disease and cilia in infectious microorganisms. A total of 25 renowned speakers have been confirmed and numerous oral presentation spots have been reserved for those selected from their submitted abstracts. Ample time and space has been allocated for poster presentations.

This meeting follows on from the successful Cilia 2012 meeting that was held in London in May 2012. It is being organised by 4 European cilia networks: GDR CIL (France), the Ciliopathy Alliance, the Nordic Cilia & Centrosome Network (Scandinavia) and the EU-FP7 SYSCILIA programme.
Institut Pasteur - From 18 novembre 2014 to 21 novembre 2014

Contact: Philippe Bastin (philippe.bastin@pasteur.fr)

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Institut Pasteur - From 26 novembre 2014 to 26 novembre 2014